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Top model Grace Bol and stylist Patrick Mackie in futuristic fashion photoshoot by Txema Yeste for Harper’s Bazaar, US March 2019

Famous top model Grace Bol and stylist Patrick Mackie, who we will be talking about a little bit below, in futuristic photo shoot scene, chain-mail-inspired fabrics in desert scene, with Star Wars touch, for futuristic warrior goddesses. Photographer Txema Yeste captures Grace in ‘Future Of Fashion Starts Here’ for Harper’s Bazaar US March 2019.

Patrick Mackie is a British-born stylist and consultant based in New York. Patrick began his styling career in London after studying London College of Fashion.

Additionally, to his editorial collaborations Patrick consults for a number of high-profile global fashion brands and independent designers, his client’s range from Nike, Calvin Klein, Versace, L’Oreal, Michael Kors, and River Island.

Model: Grace Bol;

Photographed by Txema Yeste;

Stylist: Patrick Mackie

Hair: Ali Pirzadeh;

Makeup: Frankie Boyd.

Most powerful couple in showbusiness

Undisputed truth!


Most powerful couple in showbusiness

With over 40 MILLION followers combined!!! They can have their own country! Kanye and Kim, they need no introduction. As Mark Holiday told us: «Kanye West will change the world, Mark my words.»
P.S. Photo was downloaded from DJ Trendsetter’s instagram:

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Britney Spears is BACK AGAIN and STRONGER THAN EVER! She bringing essential HOUSE and DUBSTEP music to POP CULTURE!

IN HER OFFICIAL video clip on «HOLD IT AGAINST ME» single she using great effects for dub step bridge of the track. I know we late, but if there is anyone who still haven’t seen it yet, here you go:

But there is just a beginning. One of our all time favorite musicians — TRENDSETTER (also known as Mark Holiday), recently produced exclusive «FUTURISTIC DUBSTEP» remix. And we are proudly presenting this remix in this post!

Britney Spears — Femme Fatale including Hold It Against Me and Till the World Ends available now in all music stores! Trendsetters Exclusive Essential Edgy Futuristic Dub-step remix produced by Mark Holiday, you can download both versions on our site here:

1.) RADIO EDIT POP VERSION (Trendsetter Dubstep remix) — FREE DOWNLOAD

2.) FUTURISTIC DUBSTEP Version (produced by Trendsetter aka Mark Holiday) — FREE DOWNLOAD 

P.S. PLUS BONUS: Trashy, Punk, Black & White Photoshoot of Britney Spears:

P.P.S. We LOVE her new look! Her new style, and music, and hair =) It kinda like mixture of Futuristic / PUNK / POP — just awesome! =) And Skrillex told on MTV exclusive interview:

— «The more the stuff that is underground becomes mainstream, the more the underground is gonna change,» Skrillex explained Monday. «I think it’s gonna inspire people to obviously do something different.»

Los Angeles-based Skrillex, born Sonny Moore, has a background in the post-hardcore metal scene, but in the past two years, has achieved popular success in the EDM world. He signed with deadmau5’s mau5trap records and, toward the end of 2010, released a slew of dubstep singles that topped’s chart, even holding eight positions on the dance-music site’s top 10 at one point.

«I thought the track [«Against Me»] was great overall,» the face of popular new dubstep said. «I’ll be honest, man: I love Max Martin. I think he’s an absolute genius. And Dr. Luke did it, right? I think they are a f—ing dream team. I love the track!

«I thought the dubstep part was unnecessary,» he continued. «Not to say it was done wrong. I feel like it was very self-aware and consciously put in there to be ‘the dubstep part.’ I can see a lot of people getting pissed about it — the purist dubstep and drum and bass fans — but at the end of the day, it’s cool that people are trying new things. Sooner or later, anything that happens in the underground — be it watered down or not — it always makes itself into the mainstream. It’s cool to hear.»

To Spears’ credit, Skrillex, who it would seem couldn’t come from a more opposite musical background than Spears, spoke of her legacy.

«I really respect her,» he admitted. «From being a Mouseketeer to all the controversial stuff and to all the stuff she has been through. She does have an incredible legacy and an incredible story. The fact that she is still making records just says a lot.»


Get Futuristic: LACOSTE Futuristic Sports Fashion

Lacoste is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of today.  Now they looking into the future of sports fashion to remain at the top of industry. Even 73 years from now.  As we can see Lacoste made their inspirational products for Tennis and Golf, Tennis is the field where they was the most innovative, it is where Lacoste brand starts from. However, all futuristic fans looking forward to see what future does brand see for other sports.

by GIZMODO.DE: To mark the 75th anniversary, Lacoste sportswear manufacturer dares a view of sporting activities and their equipment for another 75 years. More precisely, at tennis, the sport that the company founder so masterfully controlled before he started his second career as a bodice-producer. And what is there to look like Lacoste, is spectacular! And by that I mean not so much the shoes, which have an LCD at the bottom that says Lacoste, rather makes me wonder the club of the year 2083: these are deployed on a button, and then generate instead of a fabric with natural or artificial gut a kind of neon yellow force field with a crocodile logo. This is a futuristic mirror visor — and tennis is also for the hater of white polo shirts and Bermuda shorts again become attractive! Then. In 75 years of age.

Check out the OFFICIAL SITE

Get Futuristic Music Soundtrack

Two DJ’s Cora Burciaga and Angela Burciaga collect  music from various artists that represents futuristic music and was inspired by «Tron: Legacy» movie. Here are works from artists and producers like: Daft Punk, FreeSol, Justin Timberlake, Trendsetter, The Hair Kid, Mickey Watts, Kelly Holiday, Cassius, Angela Burciaga, Dawn Richard, Timbaland, Mark Holiday, Luc From Paris, Aaron Lux, and Red.

I hope you will enjoy our futuristic compilation.

collected by DJ Cora and Angela Burciaga