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Get Futuristic: LACOSTE Futuristic Sports Fashion

Lacoste is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of today.  Now they looking into the future of sports fashion to remain at the top of industry. Even 73 years from now.  As we can see Lacoste made their inspirational products for Tennis and Golf, Tennis is the field where they was the most innovative, it is where Lacoste brand starts from. However, all futuristic fans looking forward to see what future does brand see for other sports.

by GIZMODO.DE: To mark the 75th anniversary, Lacoste sportswear manufacturer dares a view of sporting activities and their equipment for another 75 years. More precisely, at tennis, the sport that the company founder so masterfully controlled before he started his second career as a bodice-producer. And what is there to look like Lacoste, is spectacular! And by that I mean not so much the shoes, which have an LCD at the bottom that says Lacoste, rather makes me wonder the club of the year 2083: these are deployed on a button, and then generate instead of a fabric with natural or artificial gut a kind of neon yellow force field with a crocodile logo. This is a futuristic mirror visor — and tennis is also for the hater of white polo shirts and Bermuda shorts again become attractive! Then. In 75 years of age.

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