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Get Futuristic Ken Dahl interview

Today we want you to meet up and coming star, futuristic pop music artist Ken Dahl. He had released his name titled album recently, and if you are a fan of modern pop music, you should check it out. We always wondering about his style, and he pleasantly agreed to answer on our questions, so here is the exclusive interview with Ken Dahl:

Veronika: We see you everywhere in internet rocking those futuristic shades. Who made those?

Ken Dahl: Thank you! They’re designed by Coco&Breezy!

Veronika: It seems like you’re huge fan of futuristic style. Please name us your favorite fashion brands?

Ken Dahl: I’m really into new and upcoming designers, especially Chad Leon and Coco&Breezy!

Veronika: Regarding your music, It’s awesome! We really enjoying it! You have some futuristic style in your music as well. Are you planning on going in that direction in future?

Ken Dahl: Most definitely. I love anything that’s fresh and forward. I never like looking like anyone else!

Veronika:What you favorite music producers are?

Ken Dahl: Gene «Garlic Bread» Thompson and Matthew Kurz

Veronika: Your next step… To record album? or maybe you wand to launch your own clothing line??

Ken Dahl: I have a new video for my song «Lucifer» coming up soon, as well as «F^ck Dat N^gga». And I have some performances coming up, including New Jersey Pride on Sep 12!

Veronika: Who are you planning to work with in nearest future?

Ken Dahl: Right now I’m networking, now that the album is done — with DJs, event organizers and more! It’s going to be a fun ride.

Veronika: random question… Who’s your celebrity crush? =)

Ken Dahl: Definitely Jamie Foxx. 😀 Since I was little I’ve crushed on him.

Interview was taken and posted by Veronika Burciaga