Get FUTURISTIC logo (dark)

Get FUTURISTIC logo (dark)

“GET FUTURISTIC” – is American trendsetting company, blog’s and magazine’s network and designer’s workshop. It was launched in January of 2010 as news source for internet-savvy, futuristic fashion enthusiasts, designers, and recording artists. You don’t have to browse multiple sites to keep up with the latest trends in futuristic movement, after creation of Get Futuristic allowed everybody to browse latest news, trends, and to be broadcast through one specific source.

In nearest months this blog will grow to a large well-respected information source within the industry. Features and interviews that profile designers and brands serve as a platform for companies to showcase new and upcoming product, while keeping readers informed of new trends, retailers, and events.

“Get Futuristic” people:

head futurist: “SPOCK SHELDON” – fashionfuturistic@gmail.com


music editor: CORA BURCIAGA – coraburciaga@gmail.com

graphic designer: “STORMTROOPER”

fashion designer: AYO – peopleinstyle@gmail.com

content manager: “GET FUTURISTIC”


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Hello World!

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