Get Futuristic Music

some Futuristic music  by Magnus Deus, Trendsetter Dj (aka Mark Holiday)

@MagnusDeus :


genre: Sci-Fi, Lounge Space, Futuristic  Dubstep, Progressive R&B, Future POP.

    • sergioluka
    • 04.01.2011

    nice music

    • Thank you very much! We glad you like it! Thank you for all the support! Let’s GET FUTURISTIC in 2011! =)

  1. I love this version of the soundtrack. I can tell my man Mark Holiday was embedded somewhere in this especially in the Son Of Flynn Remix. I would definately download this to my iTouch!

    • rexusdiablos
    • 17.01.2011

    Hmm, where’s Adagio for Tron? IMHO it’s the best track on the OST and that’s saying a lot considering how epic the rest of the tracks are. The last OST that inspired me this much was Star Wars: The Phantom Menance, well, just that one track really for the Jinn/Kenobi/Maul battle.

    Great website.It has the look and feel of Muse’s Knights of Cydonia music video.

    It would be great if the website could delve into the positives of transhumanism a little more. You’d then be able to market to an additional subset of people.

  2. Hello!
    … I like the sound waves! … Thanks!

  3. Dear Webmaster, I loved your submit here at Get Futuristic Music GET FUTURISTIC but I am genuinely not getting the design and style. Is it a standard design and style or some thing? Best regards though and maintain posting!

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