Get Futuristic: Broken Celebrity Eye-wear

Broken Celebrity I-Wear chief creator and designer, Jacquis Rambeau a clothing designer and makeup artist that got his start in 2001. After seeing the glasses crave of the last 3 years, he decided to branch out into a new venture. His visions deal with seeing things from outside the box. He’s a lover of diversity, and of unique things that life tends to look over. He would love to know that he’s somehow related to John Galliano or Alexander McQueen; they’re his idols. The professional dreams/goals of Broken Celebrity I-Wear  would be to have Lil’ Kim, Kanye West, The Jonas Brothers, Jay Sean, Drew Barrymore, Toni Braxton, Eva Pigford, Vivica Fox, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell but most importantly all the beautiful people in the world. Broken Celebrity has been most recently spotted on multi platinum R&B/Grammy Award Winner and DWTS Runner Up  Mya! Broken Celebrity’s signature items are made with Swarovski Crystals, allowing our customers to see the world through crystal eyes. Broken Celebrity’s. The custom designs are all about making a statement. Our Fall/Winter “Alpha Line”, is available now!

P.S. EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Stay tuned for Broken Celebrity collaboration with Futuristic producer Mark Holiday Trendsetter any time soon! via OFFICIAL TWITTER

Celebrity photos: Mya, Jasmine Santiago.


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