A-morir Sioux Lace Sunglasses

We have seen Rihanna already sporting this unusual pair of Sioux Lace sunglasses. So we are not surprised at all to see that Lady Gaga would wear one too! Knowing these two fashion forward ladies, we expect them to accessorize with something eye-catchy and unique.

I just noticed it now, but this eyewear is inspired by the 8th or 14 vintage sunglasses from Linda Farrow. Distinctive vinyl or exhaust-like design on the thick and flat temples resembles it well. Even the front shield lens is like a carbon copy. But what makes the A-morir version different is the black lace cover and translucent temples.

Dare to be unique and fabulous with this refreshing sunglasses style from A-morir! The Sioux Lace eyewear is worth $210 online, but may probably cost you more on retail.

A-morir Sabotage

Rihanna was spotted wearing the A-morir Sabotage sunglasses when she posed for Italian Vogue magazine. On a different event, Kid Sister was also spotted in this eyewear. Since we already know much about Rihanna, I’d give you a short background of Kid Sister. She is a rap artist who had a hit single last 2008 entitled “Pro Nails,” which features Kanye West. That same year, she was nominated for BET Awards Best Female Hip Hop Artist.

Anyway, the Sabotage model from A-morir is a shield-styled sunglasses. It has a single lens in skull fit with light or dark tints. And this lens is encased in semi-rimless acetate frame with series of crystals and spiky metal studs on the end pieces. On each side is a Linda Farrow-like styled temples with ventilation mechanism, which looks venetian and blind-like in the middle. It only arrives in colors black and translucent gray.

Get yourself a fashionable and Italian Vogue-featured sunglasses! I know it is off the edge, but it’s cool to wear one once in a while, right? This A-morir famous Sabotage sunglasses is now available on online. This eye accessory is worth $600 online.

Lady GaGa and Hussein Chalayan Spring 2009 Sunglasses

Again, we have here Lady Gaga wearing an extraordinary eyewear. I love how she sets her own trend while people around her try to follow her every move. Anyway, she is wearing a Scott Wilson designed sunglasses for Hussein Chalayan 2009 eyewear collection. The designer said “The idea was to create something which gave reference to sunglasses without being real sunglasses,” when asked about his inspiration in creating the Hussein Chalayan 2009 sunglasses.

The Hussein Chalayan 2009 sunglasses have an unusual and very original design. Unlike the usual eyewear, this one does not have lenses. Instead, it has horizontal or circular-shaped holes for you to like take a peek in. It arrives in colors yellow, white, blue and black.

I know it is not the safest eyewear you’ll ever find. But fashion wise, this one will keep you most updated! To those who are interested, browse our site next time for more information. But if you do know more details about this eyewear, we will appreciate it if you share what you know.

Rihanna - A-morir - Love/Hate

Here we have for you another sighting of Rihanna wearing unique and cool sunglasses. This time she is still wearing the ones from A-morir. So from laced lenses, Baracuda and spikes, she is now sporting a Love/Hate Convertible Chain sunglasses that somehow match really well with her new haircut.

The sunglasses is an oversized shield frame. Its two lenses are lightly shaded, and are cased in acetate frames embellished with crystals. It may sound ordinary, but the long thick chain necklace on the upper rims makes it otherwise. You can wear it while the necklace is at the back—just like your old grandma’s reading glass. But you can also wear it with the necklace in front for added accent to your outfit.

To those who are interested in this innovated sunglasses from A-morir, you can get if for $250

Lady Gaga In Alpina Goldwing DBGM Sunglasses

Until now, this intriguing Lady Gaga’s Alpina sunglasses has been giving us a hard time trying to find these babies online. Knowing her, she would usually prefer to have an exclusive accessory and clothing. This Alpina is a 1980s style vintage Goldwing sunglasses model. I found it posted at Gaga Daily Fashion last October, and I commend her so much for pulling off such a sunglasses!

The Goldwing sunglasses may seem rimless but it’s not; instead, it showcases a thin metal wire that are closely attached to the spectacles. These oversized shield lenses have point-cornered lower rims that slightly resemble aviator types. At the back of the glasses is a semi-A-like letter vertical bridge that resembles an Alpina logo. On the end pieces, meanwhile, is a thick asymmetrical square with small metal Alpina logo. The hinges, which are placed near the end pieces, have two metal wires that are joined together at the temple tips.

Unfortunately, there is still no sighting for this awesome and sought-after eyewear. But since we are unable to give you the price, we are guessing that this eyewear would probably cost $100 and above. To those who are interested in these glasses, please check back for updates. And for those who know where to find it and how much it costs exactly, please leave your comments below.

Versace 1990s Model S76 on Lady Gaga, The Futuristic Collection

The 1990’s Versace design of S76 is something to look forward to as eccentric dresser Lady Gaga was spotted wearing a futuristic eyewear from Versace. It is an eyewear that expresses a different dimension in expressing yourself through fashion. This gives a new meaning to your individuality.

Model S76 is Italian-made from circa 1990s. It has a shield-slanted square frame and black lens with fixed nose pads. It bears a metal gold bar on top of its frame that is extended to almost half of its temple, making it appear futuristic. The original Versace logo is attached on the tip of its slightly thick arms. It has a front size of 153mm x 55mm, as well as a 130mm temple. This sunglasses is available in super black and gold.

This is considered vintage since this was created back in the 90s, and costs a whopping $638 with tax included. A good price for an eyewear by one of the world’s most trusted signature brands.

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