Trend: Futuristic Clothing Fashion (by Men’s Flair)

Before you start imagining rather wild clothing, futuristic fashion doesn’t have to be so far out. Modern lines and daring new looks can all contribute to futuristic clothes trends. Bright, day-glo colors, new and interesting fabrics, and innovative cuts all have a touch of high modern style.

We’ll find futuristic fashion in asymmetric designs and details, new and interesting fabrics, and unusual touches. Cutting-edge fashion from Japanese and French designers is often in the forefront of somewhat unisex, unique pieces. Modern fabrics and even a touch of space age have been found in this season’s futuristic clothes at Hussein Chalayan’s most recent show. We saw a simple palette of black, white, gray, and a smattering of pastels, but there were plenty of futuristic details to go around. Chalayan added latex strips into the sleeves of his t-shirt and as trim in his trench coat, revealing yet another take on the basics.

Meanwhile, Thom Browne’s trench coats also incorporated a little futuristic styling. Using a classic design, his coats had a completely new feel. Browne used a modern, shrunken silhouette in a brilliant white overcoat with bright red piping for a stunning effect.

Sometimes color alone can give us a futuristic feel to an outfit, which is something Yohji Yamamoto certainly mastered for Y-3. Workout wear was given a serious upgrade with inventive closures and new shapes and combinations. Zippers were found on jackets like a cutaway coat. Yamamoto used bright orange and stark white to give a punchy jumpsuit feel to his runway show. Track suits were matched with cutaway jackets for a look with just a hint of Clockwork Orange appeal. Modern Japanese samurai-esque shapes were the epitome of futuristic clothes. The most wildly modern was found at the end of the show—the icing on the futuristic cake—when several avant-garde stretchy latex no-sleeve tubes were paraded down the catwalk.

On the feet, futuristic clothes include Alessandro Dell’Aqua’s shiny silver high-tops, which was paired with an ’80s glam rock look. Futuristic accessories blend well with a retro wardrobe—details are highlighted and they become a perfect conversation-worthy piece. Cloak’s collection used booty-like shoes—almost like classic moon boots—to add to the avant-garde effect of their gunmetal gray jackets and striped silvery waistcoats.

Futuristic clothes lend an interesting effect to all of our retro and vintage inspired classic looks. Shiny fabrics and interesting shapes make cool contrasts to the refined and slimmed-down looks we’re already wearing. With futuristic fashion, we are giving our wardrobes a truly new touch that hasn’t quite been done before.

original by: MEN’S FLAIR

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