Futuristic fashion for high-tech fashionistas (by Style Guru)


The term fashion these days is not only related to the designers but with the scientists also. Yes, the scientists are putting in great efforts in designing our apparel and accessories. We are going a step further i.e. the styles we are implementing in our fashion these days are a thought of some fashion forward designer cum scientist from the past decade. Likewise there are some people who still think on the same line which means that ages later we will all be hi-tech with our fashion statements. The researches are going on with a bang and I hope that in sometime we will see a new expression in our outfits and accessories. Below is a list of certain designs that are a step towards the futuristic fashion.

High Tech Fashion Fibre Optic Dresses


Did we ever imagine that we will have lights on our clothes? Well, I didn’t. But LumiTop Sophia has made it possible with their fibre optic dresses which are indeed the finest of hi-tech fashions. So, shine in various colors of red, blue, green and yellow that will make you the center of attraction in any party.

Interactive Couture Garments


It is a perfect combination of fashion and technology. These interactive couture garments by designer Di Mainstone are a great step towards the fashion with technology. Her work is full of designs that easily captivate the designer. So, if you too want a look different from that of others in form of the clothing which uses the materials to change the look of the garments dynamically as a reaction of the wearer and the environment.

Sci-fi Inspired Fashion


The pop culture plays a very dynamic role in giving us that high-tech fashion. Well, the chics from these movies wear almost everything possible like the solar powered outfits, dresses that charge on their own, color changing garments and noise making bikinis. This fashion is the first step towards the coming age of technology driven style. So, all I hope is that we have better creations in the future that will help us in solving many more issues with our lives.

Digital Clothing


Did you ever imagined that you can carry the screenshots of your favorite movie on your dress? Well, if you didn’t then the above outfit which is a tribute to the Norma Desmond Dress is a perfect example. Trust me, it is the ultimate hi-tech clothing. The dress has still and moving images on the skirt and the upper part of the body from the classic movie Sunset Boulevard. Well, I definitely feel that the designers are making great efforts in creating fashion that is beyond imagination.

Cybertek Wings


People from the past must have imagined that in future we will be able to fly like birds. Well, not literally but these cybertek wings make it possible with a high-tech look and features atleast. Powered by air pressure, these wings are made of carbon fiber and extruded aluminum. The best part is that they don’t need any external power as they are powered by air pressure. Yes, expand and retract the two wings for seven times and they are charged for 5-10 minutes with glowing LED lights on the tips. They are indeed a very cute and elegant step forward in hi-tech fashion.

Flexible Display Screens


Now carry a display screen on your clothing. Yes, it is in-built and allows you to write what you want to on your attire. This can be called as an amazing hi-tech fashion. It is a large LED display grid embedded in a flexible circuit board arrangement and bluetooth that can accept commands from a your palm. So, if you want something very creative and techy then this one is surely for you!

Multi-Functional Tech Hoodie


Do you like wearing something that can set you apart from the crowd in the most elegant way? Well, everybody loves it. The above hood t-shirt is an example of a very stylish and chic attire that will not only help in making you look a perfect lady but also help in presenting you as a tech diva. Yes, this hoodie is embedded with a wireless heart monitor attached to a digital camera that helps in capturing images of the wearers heart in daily life. This is indeed a very helpful techy thing.

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