Futuristic Rihanna

We all know that RiRi loves dressing herself in futuristic fashion, be the stylish cuts or a dress straight from the space age, Rihanna knows how to carry it. Like at the concert with Jonathan Ross in London, where the queen of pop was seen wearing a shimmering drapey dress with accentuated shoulders and a sexy thigh -high split on the side. Overall, Rihanna was looking quite gorgeous.

Don’t confuse Futuristic dressing with something that’s going to be very weird. These designs consist of a combination of modern lines and daring new looks, that will help in giving a different yet elegant statement to your personality. And this trend is catching up with the fashion world very fast as we see many celebrities like, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Grace Jones, etc, wearing such dresses. Modern lines and daring new looks can all contribute to futuristic clothes trends.

Rihanna starts wearing futuristic style back in 2009, she was spotted at the Gramercy Park Hotel on Monday to join celebrating Allegra Versace 23rd Birthday… Rihanna wearing the lovely Gareth Pugh jacket from his Spring 2009 collection and she paired it with a black mini skirt and white gloves.

Than Rihanna wore Jean Paul Gaultier to the 2010 NRJ Awards in Cannes. The two-layer gown featured a long metallic skirt topped with a sheer lace slip.

In 2010 Rihanna is one of the main trendsetters for people of futuristic fashion.

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